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Los Santos

Los Santos

Articles about towns, cultural and tourist attractions in the Panamanian province of Los Santos.

[Thumnail: Quincha house at La Colorada de Los Santos, Panama]

The Town of La Colorada de Los Santos

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

Small town at Los Santos pronvice where traditions are kept alive. [More]

[Thumbnail: Monumento to Rufina Alfaro, at La Villa de Los Santos.]

The Heroic Villa de Los Santos

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

A traditional town that played a big role in the independence of Panama. [More]

[Thumbnail: La Teta Hill, symbol of Santo Domingo]

The Town of Santo Domingo

By: Marino Jaén Sánchez

A town well known for keeping many traditions alive. [More]

[Thumbnail: Statue of the Virgin Mary at Bajo Corral]

Bajo Corral, a Rural Town in Las Tablas Area

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

This is a small town nested in the hills of central Los Santos province. [More]

[Thumbnail: Church at Macaracas, Los Santos, Panama]

Macaracas, A Land-locked but Beautiful Mountain Area of Azuero

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

This town is considered the heartland of Azuero because of its central location. [More]

[Thumbnail: Uverito Beach]

Uverito Beach, Los Santos

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

Located near the town of Santo Domingo, at Los Santos province. [More]

[Thumbnail: Salto del Pilon waterfalls, Panama]

Salto del Pilon Waterfalls

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

Leyend has it that a beautiful woman haunted this place in Spanish times. [More]

[Thumbnail: Museum Manuel F. Zarate]

Museum House Manuel F. Zarate

By: Compa Wayo

Museum located at Guarare. Holds many items related with our folklore. [More]

[Thumbnail: Elementary school of Guarare]

Guarare, Land of the Chucu Chucu

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

Seat of the yearly Festival Nacional de la Mejorana. [More]

[Thumbnail: Church square at Tonosi, Panama.]

Tonosi, Land of Folklore and Agriculture.

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

Pictures of the town of Tonosi, seat of the Tonosi region. [More]

[Thumbnail: Museum of the Nationality]

Museum of the Nationality

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

Located in La Villa de Los Santos. Contains many historic items. [More]

[Thumbnail: Town of Canas, Tonosi]

Canas, a Small Town in the South of the Azuero Peninsula

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

The town belongs to the Tonosi region. It is on the Pacific coast. [More]

[Current pier of the Port of Mensabe]

The Port of Mensabe in Azuero

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

It was very important for centuries, when there were no roads to reach the area. [More]

[El Faro Beach, one of the small, secluded beaches in the island]

Isla Iguana, Wild Life Haven in the Pacific Coast of Panama (Part II)

By: Compa Wayo

This article includes submarine pictures of some local species. [More]

[We departed from El Arenal Beach, in Pedasi.]

Isla Iguana, Wild Life Haven in the Pacific Coast of Panama (Part I)

By: Compa Wayo

This island was a U.S. bombing target during World War II. It is now a protected area. [More]

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