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Articles about towns, cultural and tourist attractions in the Panamanian province of Herrera.

[Thumbnail: Statue at Pese Square, Panama]

The Town of Pese

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

Located in Herrera Province, Pese is the home of Seco Herrerano. [More]

[Thumbnail: Pottery and ceramics at La Arena, Panamá]

La Arena de Chitre, a small town in Herrera province

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

This town is famous for its traditional bread and its pottery handicrafts. [More]

[Thumbnail: Aging cask at Hacienda San Isidro, Panama.]

San Isidro Plantation, an Agricultural and Industrial Tourism Site

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

If you have ever drank Panamanian seco or rum, odds are it was made here. [More]

[Thumbnail: House located at the Colonial Square of Parita, Panama.]

Parita's Colonial Square

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

This is one of the few squares in The Americas where the original colonial architecture has been conserved. [More]

[Thumbnail: Church of El Rincon de Santa Maria.]

The town of El Rincon de Santa Maria

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

This is a small town in northern Herrera province, next to the Macanas' Swamp [More]

[Thumbnail: Thorny bush at the Macana's Wetlands, Panama]

Las Macanas Wetlands

By: Tamara Ponce

Paradoxically, this interesting wetland is located in the driest part of Panama. [More]

[Thumbnail: Catholic church of Ocu]

Ocu, Land of the Manitos

By: Ocú

Pictures of our recent visit to the town of Ocú, the craddle of the Montuno attire. [More]

[Thumbnail: Archaeological piece at the Museum of Herrera]

Fabio Rodriguez Rios Museum (Formerly Known as Museum of Herrera)

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

Located at the city of Chitre, this museum holds a collection about the history of the province of Herrera. [More]

[Thumbnail: Chitre's water tank]

Chitre, Capital City of the Province of Herrera

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

Images of the biggest city on the Azuero peninsula. [More]

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