Atlas y Calendario de Fiestas del Patrimonio Cultural de Panamá

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[Thumbnail: Church of Pajonal Centro at Penonome, Panama]

Pajonal Centro, a town sorrounded by mountains

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

Located in the north area of Penonome, this is a beautiful small town. [More]

[Thumbnail: Museum at Chepo, Panama]

Museum of Chepo

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

Small museum in Eastern Panama with interesting pieces from the Pre-Columbian times to the 20th Century. [More]

[Thumbnail: Belltower of the Cathedral of Saint Joseph at David.]

Bolivar Neighborhood, also known as The Danger, in David

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

This is the original colonial settlement of David, the capital city of the province of Chiriqui. [More]

[Thumnail: Quincha house at La Colorada de Los Santos, Panama]

The Town of La Colorada de Los Santos

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

Small town at Los Santos pronvice where traditions are kept alive. [More]

[Thumbnail: Route of the Pintao Hat, Cocle, Panama.]

Route of the Pintao Hat

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

A tourist circuit full of handicrafts. It is located in Cocle province. [More]

[Thumbnail: Taboga's Catholic church, Panama.]

Taboga, the Island of the Flowers

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

An ideal destination for a daytrip from Panama City, this island offers beach, nature and history. [More]

[Thumbnail: Town of Capira's coat of arms, Panamá.]

Capira, Agricultural Breadbasket near Panama City

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

This town is nested on the Panamerican Highway, about 45 minutes west of Panama City. [More]

[Thumbnail: Belltower of the Church of San Francisco de la Montaña, Veraguas]

San Francisco de la Montana and its Colonial Church

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

This a small town nested in the mountains of Veraguas. It features one of the jewels of religious colonial architecture in Panama. [More]

[Thumbnail: Statue at Pese Square, Panama]

The Town of Pese

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

Located in Herrera Province, Pese is the home of Seco Herrerano. [More]

[Thumbnail: Pottery and ceramics at La Arena, Panamá]

La Arena de Chitre, a small town in Herrera province

By: Marino Jaén Espinosa

This town is famous for its traditional bread and its pottery handicrafts. [More]

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